Orc Bust
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Orc Bust



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It is easy to see why our range of Busts are so popular,They are so full of character with lots of nice details making them great as dislpay pieces or painting projectsCant choose between them?We have special deals for any 3 or more bustsFind them here:https://tinyurl.com/y4tqhvcpModel by the awesome TytanTroll ModelsNot quite how you would like it? get in touch we are happy to customise an order to suit your needsOnly pay for delivery once, for any amount of items, the more you order the more you save on postageOnce printed the model will be cleaned by hand, we try to do this to the best of our ability and usually the model will be fully cleaned and ready to use or paint,but sometimes there may be a little extra cleaning required this is easily done with a knife or sandpaper just like any other modelwe offer a finishing and painting service, please get in touch for a quote


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