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Basilisk or Cockatrice model for RPG and miniatures games,



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Basilisk or Cockatrice With its ability to turn heroes to stone the Bsilisk is a formidable challenge to all adventuresThis is a model 3D printed from resin,As the lore is a little different with this monster depending on which system or mythology you are working we have 2 options available.A large piece with a base 55cm in diameter for the large monsteror a set of 3 smaller models on a 20cm base for the small chicken like cockatriceNot quite how you would like it? get in touch we are happy to customise an order to suit your needsOnly pay for delivery once, for any amount of items, Once printed the model will be cleaned by hand, we try to do this to the best of our ability but there may be some extra work needed sometimes, such as sanding some bumps, but this is easy to do with a hobby knife or glasspaper.we offer a finishing and painting service, please get in touch for a quote


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