3D Printed Dungeon Starter Set
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3D Printed Dungeon Starter Set
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3D Printed Dungeon Starter Set



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Dungeons of Mayhem - 3D Printed Starter Set

You navigate through the ever-darkening web of deceit, you see a shimmering light ahead through the shadows.

Your investigation check has landed you on this page, you roll an insight check, 19 it’s a good roll, “you determine these pieces would provide the perfect setting for your next game” you move towards the treasure carefully checking for traps, you roll an investigation check, it’s a 17, not bad “You see no traps here” you move closer to check out the treasure, you begin to see the details more clearly,

  • You see each piece is Uniquely Designed by Dungeon Builder Studios
  • You see each piece is printed in PLA
  • You notice the dimensions are based on 30mm squares
  • You see the walls are 60mm tall


Upon careful examination of the treasure you realise these are going to provide the wow factor you need at the table, imagining these pieces in play at the table gets your creative juices flowing. You see the following 3D Dungeon Tiles laid out in front of you just ripe for the picking,

1x1 Dungeon Floor Tiles x6

2x1 Dungeon Floor Tiles x6

2x2 Dungeon Floor Tiles x2

4x4 Dungeon Floor Tile x1

1x1 Dungeon Wall Section x4

2x1 Dungeon Wall Section x3

3x1 Dungeon Wall Section x4

Dungeon Pit Trap Tile x 1

Dungeon Doors x 2

Locking Clips x 30

You know you need these in your life, but do you have the strength to carry them? You look to your stat block, Str 16 that’s a plus 3, it’s a done deal. And which variation should I choose?

OpenLOCK compatible

Raw – Straight from the forge?

Painted - Wow the players with this next level set?

You begin filling your bag of holding, a huge grin beaming across your face. You have unwittingly become infected, you have succumbed to the Dungeons of Mayhem.

You gain a plus 4 to all wisdom saves and a plus 4 to Awesomeness.

Our Terrain is perfect for Tabletop Gaming, whether you are looking for D&D Terrain, Dungeon Tiles, Dice Towers or Gaming Tiles for an overland encounter. Dungeon Terrain has never been more affordable, and at Dungeon Builder Studios we have you covered.


These items are made to order at our studio, manufacturing times vary based on order quantity, for larger volume orders please allow up to 2 weeks.

Note: Any Props and Figures are for display purposes only, not included in sale.