What’s happening next & how do I get involved?


What is Bazaar of Holding?

An all new multi vendor market place which is dedicated to all things RPG and gaming. As an experienced Online seller I can completely understand the frustrations for sellers with the current platforms available to us. The Bazaar of Holding will mean shoppers can visit one platform for there gaming needs and as sellers we can support one another by ensuring we offer a whole range of handmade and uniquely designed products.


But I don't want to sell things?

No problem, just one thing for you to do...Mark down the 14th Feb for the day you visit the Bazaar, opening its market gates that day, you will be able to browse the many wares offered by talented crafts people and designers all brought together in one large emporium of delights. See you there.....


I want to sell things…What can I sell?

The Bazaar focuses on handmade and designed items so we can offer a truly unique marketplace for shoppers to browse. Reselling is not allowed unless there is a significant amount of alteration to the original item, a good example would be purchasing a photo frame and repurposing it as a dice tray would be absolutely fine, buying wholesale dice and rebranding via names/packaging would not be suitable for the Bazaar.

Items you can sell on the Bazaar:

  • Handcrafted items which relate to RPG’s and tabletop gaming.
  • If you have designed an item and although you don’t handcraft it, it is manufactured specifically for you – for example enamel pins with your original designs, your artwork printed by printers onto mugs, t-shirts etc.
  • Items you make eg. 3D printing, embroidery that you didn’t design but you have the commercial license which allows you to sell the items you produce.


Sounds Awesome, but how much are you going to charge me?

We are offering a highly competitive 5% commission (plus card processing fees) and no listing fees which means you can list as much as you want without fear of running up bills. You will also be able to ensure your brand and uniqueness stays through out with your very own seller profiles and store front.


What this featured seller thing all about?

The core ethos of The Bazaar of Holding is that we as a community help each other to build an amazing store front which gives us all an amazing platform to springboard our products, We will always have featured sellers on the store front homepage and we are looking for amazing products to feature on day 1. Start building your storefront now to give your store the best chance of that position.


When is it going to be ready?

We have plans for the website to go live to customers on February the 14th. We currently have a few more thing to tend to for the Bazaar including the payment system, we are almost there, just getting the best possible system at the lowest fees, this will completed very soon and by building your shop now you can be ready to go in a few clicks.