Tabletop Scenery

Ever wondered what it’d be like to wander the ruins of Myth Dranor? Or sneak through the winding passages of an ancient castle? Well wonder no longer, my dears, for these exquisite miniatures will take you there in the flap of a faerie’s wing. Transport you into the echoing depths of a dwarven mine, or set you wandering through rough-hewn goblin caves; jumping at every echo.

Bring your table to life -- and plunge your party into the heat of the action with our exhaustive collection of  tabletop scenery. Hand-picked for quality and widespread appeal, these intricately models will allow you to recreate winding dungeons; eerie graveyards or loot-filled lairs. 

They’re robust enough to weather the rough-and-touble of tabletop melee, and they’re covered in tiny details that’ll breathe fresh life into your setup. They’re hand-made by independent artists too, which means that every purchase supports someone that’s dedicated themselves to our favourite hobby.

Need something weird and wonderful for your setting? You can always try reaching out to one of our vendors. We can’t guarantee that they’ll accept your commission but there’s certainly no harm in asking!

We’d also love to hear from you if you’re making your own tabletop scenery. It’s a real art, and there’s always space for more talented vendors at the Bazaar of holding.