Tabletop Accessories

Something for your table sir? How about you madam? We’ve got everything from coasters to counters. Card holders, dice shakers. Even a resin dice tray - emblazoned with all manner of mystical sigils. If you can dream it up, you’ll find it here. And only the very-finest, hand-crafted wares to boot. You won’t find a collection like this outside of a red dragon’s lair, and we’re always adding more treasures too…

It doesn't matter whether you’re playing on custom-built furniture or a hastily-converted sideboard: Your gaming table’s a sacred space, and it deserves the very best accessories. Made by dedicated artisans, this collection of carefully-selected accoutrements will transform your games - not to mention shielding your table from wayward dice, hot mugs and spills.

We’ve got a fantastic selection of card holders, hit point counters and hand-made tokens too: Perfect for complex games, or challenging encounters that feel like they’ve been set up to test your mental arithmetic.

In fact, we’ve gone out of our way to source everything you could possibly need for a free-wheeling, five-hour session. But we’d still encourage you to get in touch if you think we’ve missed anything essential, because we’re always looking for new ways to grow and improve the bazaar.