Grimoires and spellbooks, journals and diaries: We’ve got them all. And a great deal more besides... Have a taste for the finer things in life? There’s nothing better than a finely-wrought tome, lavishly emblazoned with all manner of arcane sigils. And for the seasoned adventurer? Perhaps something hard-wearing. Finely-tooled, but capable of withstanding the rigours of a long campaign. A journal for the ages, if you will. Worthy of the epic tales you’re sure to tell.

Role-playing games are never simple. There’s always a million and one things to remember. And if you’re not keeping a fairly detailed journal, it’s all too easy to forget those epic moments that you enjoyed so much. Or remember where that blasted quest-giver liked to hide…

You can (of course) keep notes on scrap paper or a simple ring binder. But where’s the fun in that? Embrace the magic and furnish yourself with a truly one-of-a-kind journal, so that you can enjoy that you can treasure those memories for the rest of your adventuring career. 

Here you’ll find some truly unique notebooks. Crafted by artisans that are dedicated to the world of role-play games. We’ve gone out of our way to source something for every palette - from faux grimoires to beautifully-illustrated bullet journals.

And as with all of our products, these stationary items are hand-made by independent store owners that are dedicated to their craft. Feel free to message them about custom pieces or alterations - they’re always happy to oblige!