Paint Services

Step right up, and find yourself a master-craftsmen. That’s right. Painters and artisans of all stripes. Right here under your very nose. Hire ‘em to paint up your favourite statues, or have them put a fresh lick of paint on that miniature orc. You won’t find talent like this in Baldur’s Gate or dusty old Gauntlgrym: You mark my words.

Collecting miniatures is all good and well, but when it comes to painting them? Well, let’s just say that it’s easier said than done. You’ve got to purchase yourself a good brush; buy up a whole host of paints and then sit, in a well-lit room, holding your breath as you try not to smudge mithril silver all over your painstakingly painted flesh tones.

At times it can feel like more hassle than it’s really worth, which is why we’re delighted to offer a bevvy of custom painting services. Book in with a vendor; send them your miniature and beam with delight when it comes back with a fresh paint of (exquisite) paint. 

Do chat to our vendors first though - painting miniatures is a real art, and a lot of independent artists are quite choosy about the work they take.