Dice Storage

Dice bags! Dice bags aplenty! More dice bags than you’ll know what to do with! Look sir, look at the quality of that there cloth. Fine as an elven cloak sir. You mark my words. And what about you madam? Care to try your luck at opening this here dice cage? They say it’s hexed by old Mordenkainen himself, but I reckon you might have the knack...

We’ve all got a massive collection of dice. It’s the hallmark of a dedicated gamer. But most of us stuff our treasured dice into tupperware boxes; old jars or polythene bags.

Yes, we know about the ratty old sandwich bag you store your dice in, but we’re not here to shame you. We’ve all been there, but we do think there’s a better way to game. 

That’s why we spent months scouring the internet to find a selection of unique dice bags - including options to suit every palate - from pop-culture themed, drawstring options, right through to magical dragon eggs and everything in between. 

This isn’t mass-market tat either. Everything on the Bazaar of Holding is hand-made by self-employed artisans with a real passion for their craft. Whether they’re stitching custom-printed cloth or filing the excess resin from their unique creations, they’re dedicated to making sure that you receive one-of-a-kind products that’ll augment your hobby.

And if you happen to know any bag or box makers that’d like to be listed here, send them our way whenever you like. There’s always more space.