Exquisite artwork from far-flung shores of Waterdeep. Rare etchings from Luskan and gorgeous tapestries - spun from the silk of phase spider. We’ve got it all, and more besides. Something to brighten the wall or quicken the mind. Something to gift or treasure forever. Come closer, please, step right here. Study the quality of the stitching. The brushstrokes. The lapis-blue of that seascape. Truly the work of an artisan, wouldn’t you agree?

Decking out your gaming den? Or just trying to bring a bit of RPG magic to your dining room? Either way, this collection of hand-made artwork is just the ticket. Drawn (or printed) by independent artists with a real passion for all things role-play, these fabulous etchings will be the envy of your group. 

Browse the collection and you’ll find delightful family prints; save the date cards and custom-printed canvases that are all-but guaranteed to bring light and colour to your space -- laughter and a little touch of magic that’s hard to find at your run-of-the-mill homewear store.

And if you need something extra special, you can always reach out to our vendors and ask for a custom piece. We can’t promise that they’ll take on your commission, but the Bazaar of Holding is a community first, and most of our resident artists are a friendly bunch.