Seller Spotlight: Silverwing Armoury

    Get to know the artists behind our best-selling RPG accessories. This week we’re talking to Veronica Leonard - Owner & Designer at Silverwing Armoury.

    Veronica makes gorgeous campaign notebooks and bullet journals - wrapped in thick card stock, and emblazoned with all manner of (exceptionally cool) fantasy artwork. We’re a big fan of her Winter Mage spellbook; A grey-blue tome adorned with a chilling arcane sigil, but their Ancient Spellbook and Campaign Notebooks deserve a special mention too.

    What makes these journals special? Well, there’s the quality of the art to consider. It’s one of a kind and it really does speak for itself. Then there’s the quality of the binding. These things are robust. Well-made and incredibly durable.

    The paper is all FSC certified (for guilt free gaming) and you can choose whether the internal pages are lined, graph or dot matrix which is great for those of us that like to doodle.

    “I believe in making a product that serves the unique notetaking needs of all players and Game Masters.” Veronica tells us. “Regardless of the tabletop roleplaying game they might be playing in or running.”

    Sounds perfect to us. But we wanted to know more about Veronica. What makes her tick, and what inspires the gorgeous artwork on her journals, so we asked her to sit down and tell us about her craft: 

    Which campaign journal are you most proud of, and can you tell us a bit about how it came about?

    I pour a lot of myself into the design and feel of each of my notebooks; however, if I had to choose only one, I would probably choose the kraken with the wyvern being a very close second. I have always been fascinated with the mythology surrounding fantastical beasts.

    I am intrigued by their stories and how they seem to take various forms across cultures and histories. So many RPG adventures take us on journeys where we are able to encounter these creatures, so of course I wanted to create some notebooks that reflected those adventures.

    Veronica Leonard

    We’re definitely with you there! What about out of the workshop? What do you do when you're not crafting?

    I have a day job working as a public servant in finance and contract procurement. Sounds like a hard left from tabletop gaming, right?

    Definitely, but I think a lot of us have a bit of a double-identity. A life away from the table that helps to keep things ticking over. Back to gaming, can you tell us a bit about your favourite RPG character (if you play tabletop RPGs)

    All of my characters are my favourites. But, I will tell you about my current one - she is an orcish primalist mage whose powers were awakened while she was overcome by grief over the passing of a loved one.

    Terrified by her sudden powers, her tribe's elders banished her from their town and threw her out wearing only the clothes she had on her back. She made her way offering her services as a medic to those in need in exchange for some coin.

    Eventually, she befriends a very talkative (if a bit of a know-it-all) gnome and has joined a team of adventurers seeking the truth behind giant attacks on various towns. As she journeys along with them, she is constantly in search of another mage who might be able to give her some insight into what her powers mean, why she has them, and secretly and ultimately, how she can use them to bring back her lost loved one

    That sounds fantastic. Original and fun to roleplay. Speaking of adventures, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is this a long-term thing, or do you see your craft evolving?

    I do see Silverwing Armoury as a long term thing. I would eventually like to see the operation grow into something that I might do full time, perhaps expanding the line into other useful paper goods for RPGs. In the meantime, I am enjoying the ride!

    Veronica Leonard